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The d5 way

How a strategy has been implemented has a significant impact on whether it will be successful. Where most businesses fail when the owner simply rolls out the new strategy to employees as a 'fait accompli'. This has the effect of disengaging employees and making them fearful of change. In most cases, those who implement the strategy are likely to be different from those who formulated it. Within SMEs, these roles are likely to be carried out by the owner and senior manager respectively. For this reason, care needs to be addressed to both the strategy and the reasons behind it. From an organizational development perspective, the intention is to engage, to adopt and own key elements of strategy, to implement business issues.

Our Vision

Our world is characterized by accelerating transformational change. Revolutions in information technology, life sciences, consumer behavior and the global supply chain are changing the ways in which businesses, consumers and citizens function. Our societies, work environments and family structures are evolving in ways that are perhaps more significant than ever before.


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