Global Operating Model

Agile Business and Operating Models for speed and adaptability.

Many companies are attempting a radical - and often rapid - shift from hierarchical structures to more agile environments, in order to operate at the speed required by today's competitive marketplace. To transform into a more agile enterprise, companies must make conscious choices about where and how to become agile. They have to adopt agile principles and mindsets, where to use agile problem-solving methodologies to dynamically address strategic and organizational challenges, and where to more formally deploy the full agile model, including self-managed teams.

At d5, we do not believe that companies should try to use agile methods everywhere. In many functional areas, such as plant maintenance, purchasing, sales calls, or accounting, more traditional structures and processes, if possible, deliver lower costs, more repeatable outcomes and more scalable organizations.

Sorting through every function of your company's operating model that requires some deep thinking. You also have to figure out how to organize and effectively organize your business effectively with one another. This takes time.

At d5 Consulting Group, we will help your executive teams to adopt this practice to focus on a calendar-based planning process for continuous issue-based planning.


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