d5 Advanced Analytics

Organizations that thrive on change use data and analytics as a competitive asset. They adapt quickly and predict trends and drive new value. These organizations have a high "analytics IQ," and they will be disruptors, not the disrupted, in the digital revolution.

Those that successfully harvest solid troves of data can improve productivity; make faster and more accurate decisions; reduce costs; increase competitive advantage; discover new business models and innovations; and better engage customers, employees, and partners.

IT has long played a critical role in helping organizations deliver better products, improve operations, better manage risks, and develop new business models to stay relevant. That's still true. Core technologies such as cloud, mobility, modern applications, and networks continue to evolve. But IT's impact on the enterprise is raised to a whole new level when an organization introduces advanced analytics and redesigns its focus on information. Advanced analytics embedded in each interaction, transaction, information flow, and process driving the next wave of productivity and growth.

Advanced analytics complete the feedback loop between business strategy and IT resources, creating a capability that is so central to the operation of the enterprise.

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