d5 Consultants will build a digital growth business plan. The Digital Strategy helps you create the value opportunities Digital Disruption will create your business model and mobilize your organization to deliver results.

Digital Transformation Mapping is designed to help business leaders answer and challenge senior business leaders in the world of technology while accelerating the digital agenda.



  • What should our digital strategy be and what is the business case for change?
  • How do we reinvent our business to stay relevant?
  • What is the value of pursuing different digital strategies and techniques?
  • What are our key milestones and the roadmap ahead?

Holistic corporate-wide transformations take a long time to execute. Such transformations are a must, but many revenue lines and products can not afford multiple years to enter new innovation cycles. The market will not wait. Our methodology integrates business, operations, technology and organization principles to create an actionable Digital Transformation Strategy.

Digital leaders are today defined by the successful alignment of three key components: business, technology and operations. Business (business and revenue model) and technology (platforms and solutions) are always mentioned in the digital context, but effective management of operations (the way we do things) is equally as important and often neglected.

d5's Digital Operating Model approach helps organizations address key C-suite challenges:

  • What potential operating models exist in a digital world?
  • What is the best operating model for me and how do I design it?
  • How do we conduct the necessary transformation?
  • Do we need a CDO?

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