1. Deliver measurable value and profitable business decisions

d5 Consultants and Advisors are a credentialed consultancy in a variety of industries. Our objective is to deliver powerful insights and recommendations that are used to improve credit management strategies across their consumer and SME business portfolios and the customer journey. We uniquely understand the local markets we serve, and we draw upon our global network or business consultants to bring a fixed amount of market, industry, product and operational expertise to meet our clients' needs locally.

2. Drive profitable business decisions

Our business consultants specialize in delivering deep analysis and recommendations to profitable business decisions related to our clients' acquisition, customer management, portfolio management, fraud and collections risk management practices. We have developed a reputation of confidence and trust among our clients. Our business consultants work with all levels of the organization - from executives striving to meet stakeholder expectations to business line management focus on implementing process change that directly impacts an organization's success.

3. Put through powerful business strategies

d5 is comprised of former business leaders and consultancy advisers with years of operational and industrial experience enacting their deep understanding of credit risk management principles and practices. Having overcome many challenges facing today, these consultants have practical, real-world experience combined with the global best practices and skills for deep problem solving and communication.

This experience allows our consultants to:

  • Quickly assess a challenge or an opportunity
  • Identify the root cause or drivers, and recommend fact-based business initiatives and strategies
  • Value-based experience for confident business decisions

d5 business consultants develop thought-provoking insight and recommendations that deliver measurable, high-impact, quick wins along with phased, strategic road maps that can be deployed based on client's unique needs, capabilities and resources. Our structured consulting methodology increases the likelihood of client value by ensuring implementation consistency. By balancing the inputs and constraints against key business drivers, we leave clients fully equipped and empowered to sustain and sustain profitability and focus on their business.

4. Build Relationships

We build relationships with clients and analyze and manage strategy, analysis and analysis of data, and software consultants. We take pride in helping clients not only meet expectations, but also exceed them, and we take the correlation between our clients' success and our success very seriously.

5. Structure engagements as well as custom ad hoc consulting 

  • Business review
    A business review helps clients identify value creation opportunities. d 5 has established a highly effective methodology for evaluating opportunities to improve return on investment.
  • Strategy design
    A strategy design helps clients create decision-making strategies and associated actions in support of their strategic goals and key performance indicators. Several different techniques and approaches are used from data-driven and empirically derived methodologies to optimization and expert design practices.
  • Strategy review
    Consulting is an ongoing element to ensure that your customer decisions continue to add value to your business. A strategy review helps clients to realize value by improving and refining existing decision strategies.
  • Fraud Assessment
    We work with clients to conduct both operational and analytical assessments of current strategy effectiveness, which include benchmarking analysis, validation studies, and profile and strategy analysis related to business, economic or market conditions.
  • Ad hoc consulting services
    Specialized consulting is available for specific needs related to industry trends, regulations, due diligence, benchmarking, expansion planning, provisioning, monitoring and reporting, loan modification, mergers and acquisitions, capital allocation and pricing strategies.

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